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About Us

We make special gifts for women, children, and men that celebrate what is important to you. Many of our pieces are memorials for loved ones. They celebrate life and are full of meaning, often producing "happy tears". Other pieces are inside jokes, bridesmaid accessories, or just for fun - all intended to bring a smile or memory to the recipient. Let us help you preserve your story. 

Preserving your past, present, and future through personalized jewelry and accessories. 


How it Started

Debbie started creating jewelry in 2007 as a hobby and selling her pieces at local craft fairs and markets.

In 2008 she opened an Etsy shop and experimented in online sales and shipping to customers worldwide. In 2012 Etsy turned into a side business as Debbie stayed home with two children and supported Mark in law school. 

In 2015 Mark officially joined the team full time with Debbie and two employees.

Since then they have gained a team of amazing employees, a new studio space to create orders, and three beautiful children.

Thank you for supporting our shop and sharing your stories with us.


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