About Us

From the Beginning

Welcome to Tom Design Shop, a true "mom and pop shop" run by a husband and wife team: Mark and Debbie Thompson. (TOM-pson). It wasn't always that way, here's how it all started...

  • Debbie started making jewelry as a hobby in 2007, she sold 3 pairs of earrings at an art exhibit in St. George, Utah and was ecstatic. She came home and learned all she could about making jewelry and continued selling her pieces at craft fairs and local markets in Utah. She was also an elementary art teacher.
  • November 2008 Debbie started selling her jewelry online through an Etsy shop, which is still open today. (tomdesign.etsy.com)
  • In 2010 with a new baby, a move to a new state, and a husband in law school Debbie completely filled her Etsy shop and solely sold jewelry online to help support their family.
  • January 2013 Debbie started creating personalized jewelry and selling her new style on deal sites, business boomed and Tom Design, LLC was born. Mark also started helping prepare orders while finishing his last year of law school.
  • March 2014 Debbie hired two employees to help prepare and ship orders, their help saved Debbie and Mark from many 3:00am nights.
  • January 2015 Mark left his job as a family law attorney and started officially working for Debbie - she started writing his paychecks.
  • November 2016 Tom Design had a team of 8 amazing individuals making and shipping jewelry for the holiday rush. They transformed their basement into a studio and part of their garage into a shipping warehouse.
  • 10 years after selling their first piece of jewelry Tom Design has sold and shipped over 75,000 pieces jewelry to 154 countries. They have been published in Utah Valley Magazine, seen on the The Today Show on NBC, and have been a featured shop by Etsy several times. 

Hope you have enjoyed reading about our journey, we can't believe it has been over 10 years! We love staying home with our 3 children and running this shop together. It's a crazy life and we can't believe we've come this far. Thank you for supporting our shop, our family, and the families of our employees.

♥ Mark and Debbie Thompson