Actual Prints Beaded Bracelet

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Number of Discs
Your loved one's actual print, to remember forever. Actual fingerprints, hand prints, footprints, and paw prints converted to engraving, all we need is a photo of the print.
Send us your Handwriting or Prints
After selecting your options, upload a photo of your handwriting or print sample. It is best to take a photo on a window ledge while the sun is up, but not in direct sunlight. Try to have it in focus as much as possible and without shadows. It can be a phone photo, or send a scan of a document cropped down to the signature.
  • Bracelet sizes: Adult Medium 7-8" wrist, Adult Small 5.5-6.5" wrist
  • 4 disc sizes
  • Electroplated stainless steel
  • Anti-tarnish, hypo-allergenic