Friendship Bracelets | SET OF 3 for Adults

$60.00 USD


Share a bracelet with your best friend! These bracelets make a design of lines and waves, but when put together spells out what you mean to each other. Perfect for birthdays, Christmas, going away parties, or just for fun! (Children size available, see our shop listings).

Made with the highest quality stainless steel materials with a glossy mirror finish, or brushed satin finish. 

• Thin cuff measures 1/4" wide, 6" long and can be squeezed to fit a 6" wrist, and expand to fit up to an 8.5" wrist
• Made with electroplated stainless steel in gold, silver, or rose gold, this is a very durable plating
• Choose from shiny or brushed metal, this will be the outside of the cuff, the opposite finish will be the inside of the cuff