Gemstone Threader Earrings

From $30.00 USD


Our Gemstone Earrings are made from natural gemstones, each stone is unique in its size, shape, color variations and texture. We will try to find the best matching shapes for your earrings

• Natural gemstones measure about 10-12mm
• Threader earrings will measure about 60mm (2.25 inches) 
• Sterling silver and gold filled materials 

Garnet - January
Amethyst - February
Aquamarine - March
Herkimer Diamond - April
Emerald - May
Moonstone - June
Ruby - July
Peridot - August
Sapphire - September
Rose Quartz - October
Pink Opal - October
Citrine - November
Turquoise - December

Carnelian - Autumn Birthstone