Handwriting Bracelet | Oval Bangle

$40.00 USD

Metal Color

Our custom handwriting pieces are made from actual children's handwriting, handwriting from grandparents, parents, and loved ones from cards and documents. All we need is a photo of the writing - phone photos work great. Packaged in our Tom Design logo-stamped gift boxes.

Send us your Handwriting
After selecting your options, upload a photo of your handwriting sample. It is best to take a photo on a window ledge while the sun is up, but not in direct sunlight. Try to have it in focus as much as possible and without shadows. It can be a phone photo, or send a scan of a document cropped down to the signature

• Antiqued finish in bronze, copper, and silver
• Engraved oval measures 1" x 1/2"
• Bangle measures about 7.25" in circumference in an oval shape, this helps keep the engraved portion on the top of the wrist