Handwriting Tag Keychain

From $34.00 USD


Preserve the past with these custom necklaces. Our Handwriting Bar Necklace is made from actual handwriting images sent to us. These can be children's handwriting, handwriting from grandparents, parents, and loved ones. Makes great gifts for men and women

Send us your Handwriting
Please upload a photo of your handwriting sample. It is best to take a photo on a window ledge while the sun is up, but not in direct sunlight. Try to have it in focus as much as possible and without shadows. It can be a phone photo, or send a scan of a document cropped down to the signature. 

• Brass, copper, or stainless steel bar with stainless steel key ring
• Large tag measures 1.33" long x 7/8" wide
• Small tag measures 1" long x 5/8" wide