Thick Handwriting Bracelet | 1 1/8" Cuff

$42.00 USD

Our custom Handwriting Cuff Bracelet is made from actual hand-writings, drawings, and signatures photographed from cards and documents from the past. All we need is a photo of the writing - phone photos work great!

Choose large text, medium text, or mini text along with brass, copper and aluminum metals in a brushed satin finish. 

Send us your Handwriting
Please upload a photo of your handwriting sample. It is best to take a photo on a window ledge while the sun is up, but not in direct sunlight. Try to have it in focus as much as possible and without shadows. It can be a phone photo, or send a scan of a document cropped down to the signature. 

• Thick cuff measures 1 1/8" inches wide and tapers to 1/2" at the ends
• 6" long and can be squeezed to fit a 6" wrist, and expand to fit up to a 9" wrist
• Made with raw brass, raw copper, or aluminum metals. Brass and copper can patina over time but can be cleaned back to their original color